Guide To Play Handicap Corner Bet You Should Definitely Keep in Mind

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Handicap corner bet is one of the frequently seen side bets in many reputable bookmakers nowadays. With its simple betting method, high winning odds alongside the main bets, corner bet has become an attractive betting option for a large number of players today. So, what exactly is this type of bet? How do you read the odds? And how can you read confidence football tips achieve the highest win rate when playing this type of bet?

What is Handicap Corner Bet?
Handicap corner bet, also known as Corners bet, is a type of side bet favored by many players. This bet doesn't rely on the match result or the number of goals scored by the two teams but is based on the number of corner kicks executed by both teams in the match.
In addition, based on the match's developments and characteristics, bookmakers can offer various corner bets such as which team will take the first corner kick, which team will take the last corner kick, and so on. Each type of bet will have different betting odds, providing players with different opportunities for rewards.
Some Common Types of Handicap Corner Bets
Alongside players' betting demands, various types of corner bets continue to develop. Here are some corner bet types offered by bookmakers for your reference:
Over/Under Corner Bet
Over/Under corner bet functions similarly to over/under bets in football. Instead of predicting the number of goals the two teams can score in the match, with Over/Under corner bet, the betting odds depend on the number of corner kicks.
Bookmakers will predict the total number of corner kicks in a match or throughout the game, and players' task is to bet on Over or Under. If you bet on Under, it means the actual number of corner kicks in the match will be compared to the bookmakers' odds, and vice versa for betting on Over. Betting on Over means predicting that the total number of corner kicks will be higher than the bookmakers' odds.
Full Game Handicap Corner Bet
Full game handicap corner bet is a fascinating type of corner bet that many players enjoy today. This bet operates similarly to Asian handicap betting. For each match, bookmakers will offer appropriate handicap odds. There are two betting options available: the team giving the handicap and the team receiving the handicap. After the match, players will determine the winner based on the odds offered by the bookmakers and the number of corner kicks executed by both teams.
Depending on the handicap odds from each bookmaker, you will have various betting choices. Compared to other corner bets, this type offers diverse odds with new and exciting betting methods.
1x2 Corner Bet
While handicap corner bet resembles Asian handicap betting, 1x2 corner bet is similar to 1x2 betting. Instead of depending on the final match result, this corner bet is based on the number of corner kicks executed by both teams. Players can bet on three different outcomes: Win, Draw, and Lose. The player's winning amount will be calculated based on the betting odds provided by the bookmakers.
First Corner Kick - Last Corner Kick Bet
One of the simplest, easiest-to-play, and easiest-to-understand corner betting options you can try is the first corner kick bet. This type of bet is straightforward; players only need to predict which team in the two competing teams will take the first or last corner kick. If you are new to corner betting, this is the type of bet you should try first.
Even-Odd Corner Bet
Unlike handicap corner bet, even-odd corner bet is easier to predict. Therefore, newcomers to betting often choose this type of bet. Players simply need to predict whether the total number of corner kicks in the match will be even or odd, and then place their bets.

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Mastering the Handicap Corner Betting Tips for Solid Wins
To successfully predict handicap corner bets, players need to pocket the following fundamental tips:
Research thoroughly about the teams before placing bets: Football betting isn't solely about luck; it requires analysis and understanding from participants. You should rely on insights about the teams to make accurate predictions. Some aspects to consider include the teams' past match history, players' positions on the field, and their previous corner kick records.
Pay attention to the players' heights in the match: Typically, teams with taller players tend to capitalize more on set-piece opportunities, especially corner kicks. Hence, these teams are likely to earn more corner kicks compared to their opponents.
The handicap corner bet depends on the playing tactics: Matches with only one striker and cautious playing styles tend to have fewer corner kicks. Conversely, games with two strikers, high-pressing tactics, and fast-paced gameplay are likely to see a higher number of corner kicks.
Consider the tournaments: Observations show that in leagues like the English Premier League, the number of corner kicks tends to be higher compared to leagues like Bundesliga and La Liga.
Time of the first corner kick: Experts predict handicap corner bets also depend on the timing of the first corner kick. An early appearance of the first corner kick usually indicates a higher likelihood of more corner kicks throughout the match.
Notes on playing Handicap Corner Bets
If you're interested in trying your luck with handicap corner bets at various bookmakers, consider the following important points:
Fully understand handicap corner bets before deciding to participate.
Refer to scientific and effective methods for predicting outcomes rather than relying on intuition.
Players should prepare sufficient capital to engage in betting activities.
Choose reputable bookmakers to minimize risks and enhance potential rewards.
Maintain a calm and confident mindset when entering into betting activities.

These are the basic insights betting tips app download on handicap corner bets shared by Wintips. With its straightforward gameplay and high winning odds, handicap corner betting is definitely worth trying in football betting. We believe that with confidence and flexible application of the knowledge provided in this article, you can achieve the highest possible victories.

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